Privacy policy in the game

In the game no any personal data are stored or sent anywhere. The only exception is your nickname, which you enter when submitting your personal score record to the site where it is stored. Submitting of the score is not necessary for the game functionality.

The game contains links to this web and pages of this game on the social networks. Web pages will be opened in your web browser when you clicked on it.

Privacy policy on the web

On these pages is used Google Analytics tool for statistics survey approach. It can save your IP address and statistically it be processed for an overview of approaches to this website.

Voluntary registration is on this web site to. The data that you enter to the registration form will be stored in a database on this server. This database is unavailable to the public and in addition to your nickname will be none of these made ​​available to anyone else.

No unsolicited messages will be sent to your email address. It is used only to verify your identity when registering and also in case when you forget your password for his recovery.